Casa Locarno




from concept to detailed design
Living: Sustainable. Breathtaking

Award-winning solar villa in Ticino, Switzerland

In the award-winning solar villa in Ticino, designed by OOW, sustainability and design complement each other to meet the highest architectural standards. The residential building won the Green Good Design Award and was named one of the ten most sustainable buildings in the world by CNN.

Embedded in nature

“Casa Locarno is something like our business card turned into a house: sustainability, a prefabricated wood construction, frameless corner glazing... we did set OOW’s bar really high, right down to the last detail and in one of our first projects!”

The blue panels blend in with the surrounding at dusk and dawn.

“It’s great to take a shower and know that you’re not wasting energy – the water is heated by the solar panels on the roof.”

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Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin