Living on Leopoldplatz


Berlinhaus Verwaltung


Concept design, scheme design, planning permission, detailed design, tender stage
Rental housing

Hidden Idyll

In the heart of Wedding, a residential oasis surrounded by greenery is being created on a former commercial site. In the immediate vicinity of the lively Leopoldplatz, our new residential building occupies a spacious property, quiet and hidden behind the first row of houses on Nazarethkirchstrasse. Fun fact: originally OOW was only asked to design to medical practices on the site by the client!

Architektur für Wohnen, Arbeiten, Leben in Berlin
View from adjacent cemetery

“The interplay between the shadow gap and the balcony profiles runs elegantly along the building, creating a tried and tested detailing of the façade.”

Balconies and the grouts of the rendered facade line up
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Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin