How OOW works

„Zwei Ansätze zeichnen uns aus: Visualisierung und Gestaltungshandwerk”

What does this mean?

Unlike most other architectural firms, we rely on three-dimensional VisualisationsThis approach saves our customers time and money: At an early stage, builders, planners and investors can see spaces exactly as they will look in reality later. Unlike floor plans and mood boards, our photorealistic visualisations also convey an accurate feeling for the lighting conditions and the materials used.

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This means for our customers: no surprises, but clarity and transparency right from the get-go.

The essence of our work is an architecture that draws from abundance and designs spaces with great passion and creativity down to the last detail. We call this: great design, flawlessly executed.As designers, we develop architectural visions – and at the same time make sure that these are perfectly implemented and that our projects are supervised with great care.

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great design, flawlessly executed.

What sets us apart is a way of thinking that starts with the future user: We design houses and spaces in a way that people feel comfortable in them.


Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin