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From designing for large corporations to creating residential buildings: The award-winning architects from OOW in Berlin design new buildings and interiors. Powerful, focused and strong.

Polished Copper.
Capturing the daylight and
glowing at night.

260 Grad

A bar that captures the light of Berlin during the day and glows magically from within in the evening: With the rooftop bar 260 Grad, OOW shows how modern architecture makes optimal use of light and creates a unique atmosphere in a space.

Award-winning solar villa in Ticino, Switzerland

Casa Locarno

“Casa Locarno is something like our business card turned into a house: sustainability, a prefabricated wood construction, frameless corner glazing... we did set OOW’s bar really high, right down to the last detail and in one of our first projects!”

Hidden Idyll

Living at Leopoldplatz

In the heart of Wedding, a residential oasis surrounded by greenery is being created on a former commercial site. In the immediate vicinity of the lively Leopoldplatz, our new residential building occupies a spacious property, quiet and hidden behind the first row of houses on Nazarethkirchstrasse. Fun fact: originally OOW was only asked to design to medical practices on the site by the client!

Conrade. Clarity.

7047 // Concrete

“Minimalism as a design decision means maximum effort in terms of details.”

Our story
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Inside OOW

Architecture as Architecture

Wie denken wir Architektur? Was beeinflusst uns? Und wie sieht unsere tägliche Arbeit aus? Unsere Architekten erzählen.

Meri Siren

"Elegant proportions, high-end materials and sophisticated details: my ingredients for a perfect building. The art of architecture is to create designs that are both functional and well designed."

Nicolas Fabre

"My idea of a perfect building? It's a place to retreat from the day-to-day retrace. I imagine a patio building with a large tree in it's courtyard, sitting on a bench beneath it."

Robert Blödorn

"Es ist irre, wie schnell sich ein Projekt verändern kann. Aber es ist unglaublich spannend, welche verschiedene Ideen man für ein Gebäude entwickeln kann und wie unterschiedlich sich Räume im Prinzip nutzen lassen. "

Leda Kremmyda

"It's thrilling to visit one of your own designs and realize how well it works."

Carsten Bergner

"Wenn Entwürfe wirklich umgesetzt werden, kommen unsere Gedankenspiele auch beim Menschen an. Und erst dann ist der Sinn von Architektur erfüllt, finde ich."

designyougo wird oow!

After 10 successful years as designyougo we are ready for a new, powerful name.
Drei Buchstaben, die perfekt zu uns passen – oow!

How to pronounce OOW?

Change is a big part in the life of an architect. To paraphrase our mentor, Norman Foster: “The only constant is change.” Every day we change the city and the lives of its inhabitants a little bit. So we also change – and are giving ourselves a new name!

Unverändert bleiben unsere, in den letzten 10 Jahren entwickelten Stärken, die auch Grundlage für oow sein werden: unsere Passion, unsere Arbeitsweise und unser eingespieltes Team, das jeden Tag sein Bestes gibt. Wir freuen uns auf großartige Projekte mit unseren großartigen Kunden!