“Design is like a composition”

Sebastian Blancke und Mathis Malchow
Founders of OOW

About us

Sebatian and Mathis are the founders of OOW. They are Berlin's award-winning architects and design architecture, powerful, focused and bold. The OOW architectural practice delivers their clients (a.o. Autostadt Wolfsburg, JP Morgan) unique designs and high-end architecture from conception to flawless execution.

Meet our team...

OOW lives from the strength of it's team and will design buildings but also interiors. All designs and projects follow a unique architectural vision, flawlessly executed.

Our unique approach: OOW starts a project with visualisations from 3D models. Clients will see our proposals early on in a way they understand. This allows for rapid design iterations and saves clients a lot of time.

"I love the complexity!"

Meri Siren

“We inspire each other”

Leda Kremmyda

"Fight the fog!"

Nicolas Fabre

“Many offices claim to be family-friendly – here they really are”



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