Architecture for restaurants, bars and hotels

Bars & Restaurants

What should high-quality architecture accomplish for restaurants and hotels? Our philosophy: As architects, we want to build a framework for the concept concept of the establishment. To take the metaphor further: The restaurateur or hotelier “paints” the picture – and OOW builds the frame for it. Our task is to enable the host to make his or her image as powerful as possible. The design is design is a host’s best helper and reflects the approach of the restaurant, bar or hotel.

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Von der Planung für Unternehmen bis zum Wohnungsbau: Die preisgekrönten Berliner Architekten von OOW designen, entwerfen und gestalten sowohl Hochbauten wie Innenräume. Kraftvoll, fokussiert und mutig.

Architecture can create atmosphere - and be highly functional

OOW’s architecture is not limited to one concept, but reflects any number of facets: from the sophisticated rooftop bar in the new building with a club atmosphere  in the centre of metropolitan Berlin, to the cosy brewery with an old dining room and existing architecture  , to the restaurant in a retirement home in a timeless design with a slow and quiet atmosphere for elderly people.

“We approach our architecture from the point of view of the guests, who want to feel comfortable, as well as the staff, who want to work in an efficient way.”

Mathis Malchow, OOW CEO 

Architektur in Berlin Treppen

Restaurant architecture that speeds up workflows

Restaurant Interior Architektur in Berlin Interior

Architecture must ensure that patrons feel comfortable in a restaurant – and that restaurateurs or hoteliers can make perfect use of their spaces. For this reason, we focus on two topics in particular: atmosphere and functionality. Our architecture for restaurants, bars and hotels considers key issues from the get-go in order to make the users’ work as pleasant as possible – as well as to facilitate and speed up workflows.

That is why we ask ourselves: Who are the guests, specifically? Do they want to get a drink at the bar, sit at a table and enjoy a beer or have a menu served to them? And: How do the wait staff get to the tables? How can they bring food and drinks to the guest without any fuss? How can the bartender work efficiently and gracefully at their workstation and at the same time show so much of their skills that the guests will want to have another drink? 

Visualisation provides an exact impression of the eventual lighting atmosphere

Architektur in Berlin Interior Garten

The guests’ perspective is also important: What do they see from their seat? Light plays a central role in this: The dish should be perfectly staged and clearly visible. At the same time, the space – be it an elegant restaurant, a high-quality beer bar or an exclusive rooftop bar – should create a feel-good atmosphere. By the way, elegant lighting is one of the topics where we can make full use of the strengths of our visualisations. At an early stage of planning, we can try out different variations for the different times of day and provide a realistic impression to the building owners and users ahead of time.

To ensure that the overall appearance is consistent, we as architects work closely with the partners who, for example, design the menus or create high-quality logos.