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Social Sphere

High-end interior design in the automotive sector

Our work on the Social Sphere structure marks the debut of the new design, which will gradually give the entire customer centre a harmonious and visionary flair.
It was the Autostadt’s wish to give the entrance to the hidden exhibition an open and inviting look.
Like a house within a house, the Social Sphere stretches towards the oval roof in the middle of the hall. A white shell that reveals its black core. Hidden behind the softly curved façade is the interactive multimedia exhibition ‘Social Sphere’.

Second stair and access to the lockers

“Maximum contrast and soft shapes – that’s all it takes to create flawless design!”

Natural Stone stair, steam-bent oak handrails and seamless Corian panelling

Leipziger Straße 56
10117 Berlin

Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin