Flipdot Ring

Autostadt Wolfsburg
Concept and design integration
Uwe Urbas
and WHITEvoid
Flipdot display for a car pick-up

Display board

The display board is located at the market place of the customer centre and informs the waiting visitors about the gate and time slot for picking up their new car. Instead of a neutral LED display with a purely informational purpose, the display itself becomes an attraction.
For this purpose, it was placed in ring form in direct proximity to the waiting visitors above the futuristic seating islands. On large rings, the display is now animated by thousands of flipdots.
The new display doesn’t only attract the attention of visitors visually. When the appointment reminders change, the mechanical flipping of the plates creates a nostalgic noise, which brings the flair of an old railway station into the modern hall. This reference to a technology from another era finds an attractive contrast in its conjunction with the modern design of the digital display rings.
At regular intervals, a pattern of dots dances across the rings, transforming them into a lively spectacle, while the melodic noise acoustically accompanies the choreography. Captivated, the visitors watch the display to finally spot their name on it – the signal for the longed-for pick-up of their car.

Detail of the flip dots

“A very simple principle: a round platelet that rotates under magnetic force. By multiplying it thousands of times, it becomes an information art work.”

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