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Film Studio


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Film Studio

The film studio was not an easy task – without a visual connection to the outside world, workplaces with a special purpose were to be created here – editing stations for the post-production of advertising films. The triangular cut of the space was the ideal starting point for a floor plan without right angles. In the editing room, an illuminated ceiling provides perfect working conditions. The light temperature can be set to a neutral 5500 Kelvin for editing or a cosy, warm 3500 Kelvin. Daylight floods through skylights onto the luminous ceilings and is diffusely scattered in the room. This means that even when the sun is shining, work can be done without being disturbed by glare on the screens.

Light ceiling

“The illuminated ceiling is just brilliant – diffuse daylight or cosy light implemented with the simplest of means and with technical perfection.”

Light ceiling with warm lighting
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