Welcome Desk

Autostadt Wolfsburg
Concept, scheme design
Arup Germany
Reception desk for car pick-ups at Autostadt Wolfsburg

Welcome Desk

The welcome desk is the central contact point for prospective new car owners. Just like at a bar, employees and visitors can meet at eye level and chat casually. Young visitors are also catered for, as children can climb onto the large pebbles in front of the counter and take part in the conversation like the grown-ups.

bauen und gestalten in Berlin
Service at eye-height

“A piece of furniture as long and complex as a yacht – and just as elegant!”

bauen und gestalten in Berlin
The design integrates printers, drawers down to the least detail

“Probably the most sophisticated piece of furniture with the most detailed requirements we have ever designed.”

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Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin