The World Resort

Futuredome concept for The World, Dubai

The World Resort

Futuredome is a concept for an immersive 360-degree cinema experience. Sooner or later, all films in Hollywood are bound to be produced in 3D, with the possibility of using new camera perspectives to create a spatial experience.
This design – a concept for a Futuredome on an artificial island near Dubai – also includes a fantastic hotel and marina concept. Like in a hurricane, the building arms rotate around the heart of the structure, the Futuredome.

For a long time, this project was on a list of the 10 best hotels in Dubai!

Architektur für Wohnen, Arbeiten, Leben in Berlin
From the yacht straight to the show...

“The Futuredome concepts sent us into a kind of gold rush when we first set up our office: everything seemed possible!”

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Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin