The Weekender

The quintessential weekend cottage

The Weekender

Is it possible to build a hotel room for the summer months with an outdoor kitchen for €25,000? We think: yes, it can be done!

Inside, we accommodated a full-fledged junior suite with a desk, a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom. Outside, there is a kitchen and a ladder leading up to the attic – here, children and guests can sleep on mattresses, dorm-style.
There is a big gate across the entire front of the cottage – when you leave, you close it and everything is taken care of.
When you arrive, a textile sunroof also opens up when the gate is opened. We are also building the terrace for the house!

Do you have a plot of land where we can try this out?

Das beste Architektur Büro Berlin
Variant with two Weekenders joined into one

“Someday we’ll put that on a lake in Brandenburg for ourselves!”

"Me too!"

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