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Competition for a restaurant chain

Zurich Restaurant

We’re not big fans of buildings for which only the shell is designed and then retail units have to fit all users – or not. This means that any neglected structural solutions must be made up for in the course of the development.
This was also the case here – the unit was most probably intended to be a clothing shop at one time, and was now supposed to function as a restaurant. Anyone who likes to go to Hans im Glück knows how things are done right in a restaurant.
The objective is that individual guests are at ease, even when the place is still fairly empty. And of course, that they are still comfortable when it’s packed.
The solution is very simple and can be implemented in countless variations. Each table needs its own space – without completely losing sight of the other tables.
It is the semi-public nature of the table that makes a restaurant design successful.
In this case, we proposed this with our wooden vaults – the approach has now been implemented many times and works very well!

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“With a picture of an olive on the wall, you would have won the competition!”

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