Pezzo di Pizza

Interior design, all design stages
Fit-out of a mini pizza joint for young people

Pezzo di Pizza

Please design a mini pizza shop that won’t ruin my business across the hall! That was our assignment. Since the pizzeria across the hall was designed as a classic Tuscan pizzeria, these clichés were thus out of the question for us. Meaning, the regular customer was not supposed to feel comfortable in the new place. The solution was a target group analysis. Who doesn’t currently frequent the restaurant? We quickly identified these to be the young people who were hanging out the mall in the afternoon.
Our concept appeals specifically to young people – and we also made considerable improvements in a few other areas: The interior design is continued outside, and the lighting is turned up so much that the shop window panes finally become transparent.
By the way, this method always works. A little tip for all shop owners: Don’t skimp on the light!

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Outside to inside transparency is depending on the amount of lighting provided on the inside!

“We left the choice to the client – graffiti and pallets to attract boys, or cupcake-pink curves for the teenage girls.”

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