Hamra Beirut

Proposal for a residential high-rise in Beirut, Lebanon

Hamra Beirut

At Foster + Partners we learned that the first few minutes of a project are essential – even before the client has told us what he or she wants to do with a property, before you get down to the details, your thoughts are still completely unfettered and you develop the really big visions for a project.
And the same was true for this assignment: Our client was deeply impressed by our first pitch. The high-rise building emerges from a single bold curve. The highlight is the roof terrace, which is located under the top of the arch. The balconies are created parametrically. Their wave pattern changes slightly from floor to floor.
As always, we adhere to our credo – the interior has to be designed simultaneously, in order to create a comprehensive appearance. Buildings that are only designed as empty shells are always soulless to some extent.

Apartments with a view

“Every hedonist associates a thousand and one nights with the Orient – this design shows how much opulence there is in OOW.”

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