Eagle Tower

Feasability Study
An eagle-studded high-rise in Berlin

Eagle Tower

Sometimes a little more is what you want – and in Berlin recently, a little higher is where we’re aiming! The coalition agreement of the red-red-green government has paved the way. According to it, parking lots in particular are areas of potential – and the formerly sacrosanct height of the Berliner Block (22m) are gladly offered as a sacrifice to the necessary urban growth.

Our surprise was all the greater when the first coordination meetings were very positive. In the meantime, it was decided to draw up a development plan, which defines two high points at the intersection and allows our clients to carry out an extensive expansion.

oow Architekten Berlin
City-heights Berlin West

“Boldness for the win – at first nobody believed that we would be preaching to the choir with our lofty vision!”

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Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin