Berlin Prefab

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Upgrade of a Berlin Plattenbau flat

Berlin Prefab

We knew that prefab buildings are made of concrete. What we didn’t know was how hard it would be to get the wallpaper off the walls. But it was worth the effort. The high-gloss vinyl flooring brings a lot of daylight into the rooms and creates a sophisticated floor space, providing sufficient contrast to the bare concrete walls. This backdrop setting perfectly showcases the furniture heirlooms.
The kitchen is proof that you can really also design a minimalist solution at Ikea. Together with Bisazza-inspired glass tiles, it creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

Architektur für Wohnen, Arbeiten, Leben in Berlin
Ikea kitchen with Bisazza tiles

“The first reaction is often: I wouldn’t be able to live like this! But its absolutely gorgeous!”

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“One often sees the potential of a room only when the last bit of wallpaper is scraped off the wall.”

“We love contrasts! The concrete stripped of old wallpaper and with visible paint residues and formwork marks is combined with glossy white flooring.”


Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin