CoCo Tübingen

WT80 / TT-Immobilien
design and building permission
Renovation and conversion of the listed Egeria am Neckar

CoCo Tübingen // Co-Working and Co-Living

This staircase not only connects the flats of the scholarship holders of the University of Tübingen with their teams – it also complements the beautiful old industrial building known by everyone in Tübingen, the Egeria! The staircase is situated in the newly created courtyard of the building.

The project is completed by new buildings with rental and owner-occupied flats and a large underground car park. But investors are also building subsidised housing here – a total of 770 square metres of rental flats are being created here.

Architekten Berlin Innenhof mit Baumstütze und Fluchttreppe
the new courtyard in the listed building

“As a native of Tübingen, this is a dream project for me. My mother used to buy terry towels for the whole family at Egeria.”

Innenhof Egeria mit Dschungelartiger Hofbepflanzung
residential buildings

Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin