Wollschläger headquarters

Proposal for the new headquarters of Wollschläger

Wollschläger headquarters

An existing warehouse and an administration building are redesigned and enhanced to become the headquarters of the Wollschläger company in Bochum. The new parts of the building push towards the driveway and entrance of the premises in order to allow for maximum upgrading. The bridge structure, seemingly floating in the air, is supported by the entrance building which is designed as a shell structure as well as the showroom. The artificial water surface reflects the building and creates additional spatial depth. The reflections on the water surface increase the amount of daylight in the offices.

Architektur für Wohnen, Arbeiten, Leben in Berlin
Aerial perspective of the design

“A building as a business card – extravagant and daring.”

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Leipziger Straße 56

10117 Berlin