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Exhibitions come and go. But their spaces remain. Sometimes they are left behind, unused and useless. But that’s not the case at the Autostadt Wolfsburg customer centre.

When the exhibition at the Social Sphere was closed, a new function had to be found for its two-sided entrances. To prevent these unique staircases from leading nowhere, we converted them into access steps for two new children’s slides. For this purpose, elements made of polished stainless steel were added to the existing construction. As before with the stairs, this construction was also prefabricated according to our computer model and then fitted precisely. That’s how the Social Sphere was transformed into a futuristic children’s playground with a big slide for brave little rascals and a small one for cautious adventurers.

Planung und Entwurf Berlin oow
Kids exploring the leather iceberg

“It’s no secret how much childlike playfulness and curiosity there is in OOW – but we had no idea about the amount of requirements a playground has to meet.”

Here, children can now romp about while their parents await the pick-up of their new car on new benches. At the foot of the stairs, thick crash mats with a white imitation leather cover provide for the soft landing of the little visitors.

Between the stairs, there is a white playscape of upholstered cushions and a tunnel for climbing and crawling. Its geometry follows a symmetrical shape, consisting of a substructure with attached upholstery, whose cushions can be attached and removed individually for quick (dis)assembly.

As before, the redesign is based on the design vision for the customer centre. Round and curved shapes blend into dynamic lines in which classic black and white contrasts create striking accents.

“The most enjoyable project opening in the history of OOW: to see how the children took possession of the playground, cheering and laughing!”

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